Saturday, May 29, 2010


Wonder twin powers activate!
This Saturday morning cartoon was one of my favorites. With fondness, I recall waking up at 6 in the morning, retrieving a large tupperware bowl from the cabinet and filling it with Frosted Flakes and then watching the Superfriends.

I believe this was one of the first shows that taught me about the importance of team work. Ideally, I would have learned this through actively playing in some type of little league, however I did not. I was very much a latchkey kid and one of my best friends was the television.
Now, why do I bring this up? Lately I've been reflecting on and listening to many conversations of friends, acquaintances, and peers at work regarding our American economy and this "recession". Many of us are working harder, looking for that second (maybe even third) job , aiming "to make ends meet."

Recently, I heard though "that ends do not meet, that's why they're called ends." Maybe there is a wiser way to earn money? The past few years Ive been learning about "leverage". As J. Paul Getty, the founder of Getty Gas stated, " I'd rather have the efforts of 100 people working for me rather than 100% of my own efforts!" This is a new philosophy.
Robert Kiyosaki describes it best:

Now this is challenging: building a business!
I offer this as a consideration not because I'm a networking marketing guru, but to suggest that we all find our passion and then build our business from this.
Maybe it's a film company.
Maybe you want to sell cookies.
Maybe you want to begin a new clothing line.
Whatever it may be discover and begin to build it!
As we discover our "true north", our drive, maybe then from there we can begin to build new income streams and find the freedom for the lives we want!

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